Soft Glam Makeup ♡

I love this makeup look, not too heavy but dolled up at the same time! Sometimes when you are going to an event that start’s early in the day but goes on until the nighttime you want a look that will carry you through without being too OTT.

To begin this eye look I used the Master Palette from LMD/Bperfectcosmetics, to add dept in the socket of the eye and outer 3rd I used shades Scuplt, Coco & Smokey .

Then to add a little sparkle I took the Glamour Glitter Liquid Eyeshadows from Bperfectcosmetics again in Shades Jewelz and Starz and applied them on the lid!

These liquid shadows are so easy to use and a great way of making it look like you have spent ages on your look! All you do is take the wand and apply the glitter to the lid, leaving it a second or two to dry. That’s it! No messing with glitter pot’s, glue and all that jazz.

For my foundation I used Nars Sheer Glow, a medium/ full coverage foundation that photograph’s lovely! I added a little warmth & contour with MakeupForever ProFusion Bronze and then highlighted with Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish in “Oh Darling ” which is new in my collection and I’m already loving it!

To finish the look I used Inglot Lip Tint in Shade 17, a personal favourite of mine. I think that’s about it for this look! What do you think, would you wear this look? I’d love to hear your thought’s!

Until next time!
Much love, 

Lisa x

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