My most have Hair Tools to keep my Hair Healthy!


Hi Everyone, today I going to chat to you about a few hair tools and accessories I use to help keep my hair in the best condition possible.

So first off I have quite thick long hair and I would say it’s quite a dry texture. Now while my hair is thick the hair itself is fine. So I find I prefer to use Volumising Shampoos otherwise my hair can be flat/limp which I hate.

So first up is-

JOICO Shampoo & Conditioner (BODY LUXE) 

I always used to use S & P from the chemist or Supermarket but lately I just found my hair was just lifeless and really bothering me. So my I asked my friend who is a hairdresser is it worth the extra money she said definitely as a lot of the cheaper S&P are filled with bulking agents and silicone that can coat the hair and way it down overtime.

I have been using this range for over a month now and I have really found a difference, one in particular is that my scalp feels healthier as mad as that sounds. After a good scrub in the shower my hair feels so light when dry but still has good body. Also I used to never really condition my hair ( I know how bold am I?) Because it would get greasy so fast but I find with this one it doesn’t!

It smells fab and gives a lovely shine, so I defiantly will continue using it!

The next product is..


This baby is amazing, having thick hair I have too many memories of my mother “pulling the head of me”  when brushing out my hair,Ouch! This brush has really fine bristles that brush through knots like no other, if I lost this brush I would definitely go out and get another straight away. If you hair thick or unruly hair you need this in your life.

Next up is..


My hairdryer is over 7 years old and it’s still going strong!  Having thick/long hair it takes forever to dry but not with this. These are professional hairdryers but they are so worth the price because they last forever. It have unreal power and also has heat settings and a cool hair button to help close seal/pores. 10/10

Lastly are these..


I love these for tieing up my hair, they look a little weird but these guys don’t break or damage the hair when you tie it up. Also one thing I love about these when I sleep at night I like to tie my hair up from my face neck and with these it does not mark or dent my hair when I take it down in the morning which is great!! I don use “normal” hair ties anymore.

*In the pic above I curled my hair with the Babyliss Curling Wand which is available  HERE.

Will that’s it guys, the products and accessories I love at the moment, I will pop links below to where I got mine, thank you all for reading!💋

Joico Shampoo and Conditioner I picked up at Redz Hair Design and Beauty Bar.

The Wet Brush is available HERE.

My Hairdryer you can find here at BEAUTYBAY.

Hair Bobbles can be found in most hair salons and PENNEYS/PRIMARK.

3 thoughts on “My most have Hair Tools to keep my Hair Healthy!

  1. I have very fine hair too and the only thing I have ever used that gave it amazing volume and body is the Living Proof Full Thickening Cream. My hair looks amazing for 2-3 days after I use it before going back to being flat as a pancake, lol.


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