Full Coverage Estée Lauder Doublewear Foundation

Currently holding the title as the number one selling foundation in the Uk, Estée Lauder Doublewear has been a fail safe foundation for many people not only in Ireland, the Uk but all across the globe for year’s!

With over 60 shades to choose from there’s hopefully a shade in there for everyone?!The foundation itself also comes with 3 different undertones. Cool (rosy pale skin – easily burns in the sun). Neutral (not too pink not too yellow). Warm (olive or golden undertone, sun tan’s easily).

I myself am wearing DAWN 2W1 in the picture’s , but another shade I use a lot if I am more tanned is TAWNY 3W1. I personally like to use Doublewear on client’s with combination or oily skin. When you have oily skin you need something that can block excess oil from coming through and breaking down your base throughout the day.

My personal favourite way to use this foundation is with a damp (and I stress damp) beauty blender. It will help melt the foundation to the skin without it drying down to fast!

A hydrated skin is key to this foundation looking nice. Start be cleansing the skin well! Making sure the skin is clean and exfoliated will stop any unwanted patching or clinging . Also hydrate the skin with a moisturiser or serum. If you put Estée Lauder Doublewear directly onto to naked skin it’s not going to be a good time, so prep is key.

Another thing with this foundation, less is more! Often I hear from client’s that they use way too much product, because this is full coverage a little should go along way. So be mindful and blend blend blend!

Lastly, this foundation set’s to a matte finish so in some cases there is no need to go over it with powder. Apply your foundation then wait a couple of minutes and gently feel your cheek, you will notice that the base has now gone for “wet” to “matte” without the aid of powder. For me I will still add a little powder under my eyes where I have concealed & maybe a touch through the t-zone but that’s it.

So who would I recommend this for?! I would say if you have combination to oily skin this could definitely work for you, or if your just looking for something that will last all day without touch up’s.

Personally it’s not a foundation I would wear on a everyday basis as overtime it might begin to clog my pores but if I have a special occasion where I need my look to last all day or even more to hold up against hot weather than Estée Lauder is a good shout for me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts & experiences , good bad or indifferent so please comment below!

Until next time,

Much love,

Lisa x

How to do a Smokey Eye  >>> Carnival Palette 

You know sometimes you buy an eyeshadow palette based on the fact that you love just one particular eyeshadow shade! No, just me?

Don’t get me wrong it help’s if the other shades are devine too, but with this palette the “Bperfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette” in particular the shade HUSTLE sold me in the end. A beautiful khaki green colour with gold reflect’s , I mean what’s not to love?

This full glam look was inspired by HUSTLE and I knew I wanted to use it on the lid of the eye and then smoke it out for a feline/ cateye finish! To begin, I took shades BASIC & ROWDY and  blended them with a Inglot 6ss blending brush through the socket & and outer corner of my eye.

Following on from this using a Flat Shader brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics I applied HUSTLE  with patting motion’s to the lid.  To get that #felineflick I used my all time favourite #liquidliner from Esscence, I love this because it’s waterproof/ budgeproof and completely black!

Lastly I swept shades BASIC & ROWDY again along the lower lashline,  and lined my waterline with Mac Cosmetics Teddy Kohl pencil.

I can’t wait to use this palette some more! Maybe I’ll try something with the neon / bright colour’s next!!
Hope you enjoyed,

Much Love,

Lisa x