Bridal Trial Day!

Your bridal trial is a very special day! It’s a time where we can chat and create the perfect makeup look you have imagined for yourself! If you feel nervous, please don’t be! I myself know how hard it can be to decide what makeup look you want for your Wedding Day but together we will chat through style, colour and product and come up with something special to suit you!

Whether that be a glamorous or natural style both are achievable and both are beautiful!

Try to imagine how you want to look on your big day! It can be inspiring to look online and in bridal magazines, to maybe create a mood board that will include your colour scheme and wedding day style?!

I’ve listed some steps you can take before your bridal trial below, all of which will help us create the perfect makeup for your special day!

• Skincare, I’m sure you know that if you have a healthy skin complexion your makeup will sit so much better and look more flawless. I recommend booking a consultation with a skin specialist in your area. They can tailor a skin regimen to your needs!On the other hand if you are already in a good place with you skincare routine and you are happy with your skin – kept it up! Like the saying goes “ if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

• On the day of your trial if you can please come along makeup free. This way we won’t use up valuable time removing makeup or irritating your skin.

• If you are planning on wearing false tan on your wedding day I recommend that you wear it for your bridal trial. This doesn’t have to be your professional tan , a little self tanner will be perfect if that is what suit’s at the time. This way you can see what the colour tone will look like on the day.

• Having brows or any facial waxing/ threading is advised at least 48hours beforehand, again if your trial is close to your wedding date don’t worry if it isn’t done. However having it done again will give us a better canvas for blending makeup.

• Client Care is very important to me so if you can please let me know if you have any allergies e.g. Latex (latex can be found in some eyelash glue’s)

• Also If you are a contact wearer please let me know so I can be gentle and cautious of the eye area.

  • It can be a lovely idea to wear white to your bridal trial, wearing pattern or bold colours can sometimes overpower the makeup. By wearing a neutral colour palette it will let subtle colours in your eyeshadow, blush and lipstick shine through!

Your bridal trial is a time where we can chat openly and easily about your wedding day makeup. A time to be enjoyed so get excited!

Until next time,

Much love,


Medium/ Full Coverage Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

So lets talk about Mac Studio Fix Fluid, when I think about this foundation I have to say I’ve been using it on and off for years! I still remember going into the Mac counter in Brown Thomas as a 20 something y/o to get colour matched later emerging with my first bottle thinking I was the bees knees! (Back then MAC was the most popular cosmetic!)

I find when talking with clients this foundation is like “marmite” you either like it or you don’t?!

Mac studio fix fluid is a medium- full buildable coverage foundation that had a spf of 15 and a satin matte finish. Like other full coverage foundation’s if you apply too much product or don’t blend it in well it will feel heavy on the skin. When I say buildable coverage what I mean is it is best applied in light layers! I recommend if you find it difficult to apply with a brush maybe try a damp beauty blender, this will absorb any excess product you might have applied!

Like every foundation you must start with clean hydrated skin especially with matte foundation’s. If you have dry patches or your skin needs to be exfoliated no foundation will look good. So skin prep is key!

I think a lot of people have tried this foundation in the past and had a bad experience so wrote it off altogether. I personally wouldn’t recommend this for someone with a very dry or mature skin type as it may feel it may be too matte – remember dry skin types will always want to look for something with a hydrating/ luminous finish.

If your like me and you have combination skin leaning to be quite oily at times than you may like this, here why! In the pictures I was attending a wedding that day so I wanted something that was going to last all day and look good in pictures. When I’m at events I’m prone to shine usually because there’s lots of moving around,drinking, dancing and a lot of people in one space because of all this my body temp shores!

I need something that can block any oils that might come through. You can see by the pictures my face is matte without shine except for where I have applied highlight. This is great way to make it look like you have a luminous base but you also have the comfort of knowing your not going to look in the mirror and see your reflection in your forehead as well as the mirror in front of you!

If you find it drying try apply Mac Strobe Cream first this will give a beautiful luminosity to the skin- or you can even mix it with your foundation to sheer out the coverage.

I don’t really apply powder with this foundation only along my tzone, as it’s has a satin matte finish I don’t really find I need it and applying it would make it too heavy!

The foundation comes with two undertones NC and NW. NC is aimed people with olive undertones and NW is aimed people with cool/ pink undertones. In the pictures I’m wearing NC25 this is the best for me when I’m wearing false tan. As mentioned before on these reviews if your struggling to find your foundation shade than is a great site , all you do is answer a few short questions and it will match you with numerous brands.

The last thing I’ll mention is that I find this foundation last on me all day, the only thing I brought with me in my clutch that day was lippy eyeliner and blotting papers . With all foundations I recommend double cleansing at night, this will help to properly remove the makeup and avoid congestion in the skin!

I hope you enjoy this one,

Until next time,

Much love,


Light/ Medium Coverage Estée Lauder DOUBLEWEAR LIGHT Soft Matte Hydra Makeup

I really wanted to do a review on Double-wear Light Soft Matte Hydra foundation from Estée Lauder, I actually wrote a review back in 2017 so that just goes to show how long I’ve loved this foundation & used it in my kit.

Also because I had a review of the other Doublewear foundation (linked here) I thought this might be useful to some of you as often when I recommend “Doublewear Light” to client’s they automatically think of the fuller coverage version “Doublewear Stay in Place”makeup.

So what this product claims to offer is a Soft Matte finish, that can last up to 24hrs, is oil free and transfer resistant. Sounds amazing right?!

Well as for a soft matte finish I totally agree, if you are looking for something that is super dewy than this isn’t really it. However if your someone who’s makeup rubs off easily and can’t get it to last than maybe this could work for you? Also I have had clients that have used Doublewear Stay in Place for year’s but as they get older they find it too heavy so I like to recommend the Doublewear light to them. I would recommend this to someone who is prone to shine and has uneven texture- basically me!

I like to apply a hydrating oil free primer first and squeeze out about a 20c sized amont out onto the back of my hand – I like to use a buffing style foundation brush as this foundation offers a light/ medium coverage I feel a beauty blender would absorb too much product!

Two gorgeous foundation brushes would be the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush & the Smashbox Blurring foundation Brush.

I like that it offers a soft matte finish because it helps blur my open pores I have along my cheeks and nose, I don’t think I have never worn a foundation for 24hours in my life but I can say it does last on my skin all day!

It’s lightweight & oil free and non- acnegenic so hopefully it won’t clog pores! ( I always recommend a double cleanse at night if your prone to congestion) Like it’s big sister Doublewear Stay In Place it comes in 3 undertones Cool , Neutral & Warm. If your struggling to find your foundation shade I always recommend using the website- by answering a couple of questions it will hopefully help you find your shade from numerous makeup brands.

Since I wrote my last review they actually changed the formula of the product and I was so disappointed when I had heard. I was nervous that the new formula wouldn’t live up to the old one. One thing I have found difficult is to colour match with the old shades as they changed the names/numbers. I used to love shade 2 in winter and shades 3 & 3.5 in the summer or when I was tanned but I haven’t found the best match to 3.5 yet! If anyone has any recommendations please leave them below in the comments. I’m wearing shade Tawny in the pictures!

If you have dry skin you might not have to apply any setting powder as it does dry down after application but for me (shiny face) I always have to powder my undereyes & t-zone a little, not too much but a little.

Has anyone tried the new formula, if so do you like it and what shades work for you? I love hearing other people’s experiences!

Until next time,

Much love,

Lisa x

( photo’s shot with Canon 750d in natural light )

Light/ Sheer Coverage Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation

Hi All,

I really wanted to continue with the foundation reviews so today I’m chatting through Mac Studio Face & Body foundation.

I remember when I first got this foundation back in makeup college I didn’t really like it to be honest, back then I was a “full coverage queen “ and face & body just didn’t provide me with that!

Skip a decade or so on, yikes! I love it! This foundation is lightweight and barely there. Just like it’s name suggests it can be used both on the face and the body, making it a must have in most professional makeup artist’s kits.

When my skin is in good condition and I’m just looking to neutralise the skin tone and not add lots of coverage than this is a winner for me. Also it’s the only foundation I pack when I’m away in the sun. It’s waterproof formula makes it perfect for the hot humid night’s!

Think of it as a “no makeup” kind of makeup, if you want that extra bit of confidence but don’t want to look like you have lots on.

Best way I find to use it is with my hands. If you squeeze it onto fingertips & warm up the product you will feel it to go from a “watery” constancy to a “tacky” consistency, then it’s ready to massage all over your face and down your neck. If you have any blemishes or areas of pigmentation then just take your favourite concealer to add coverage to those area’s.

For me I have an oily/ combination skin so a touch of powder is needed through my t-zone, this will help stop any oils coming through throughout the day. If you are very oily you might want to use a mattifying primer prior to application. For dry skin types look for a hydrating primer or just go in with a lightweight moisturiser.

The finish is gorgeous and glossy, it’s gives a youthful glow to the skin. I personally haven’t found any other foundation like this one.

In the picture above I’m wearing C6 as I’ve caught some sun lately, I also wear C3 a lot and I even mix. If you struggle with finding your shade of foundation’s I recommend using the website! It’s a site that can match you with most well know brands – all you do is answer a few short questions.

One last thing before I go , I often mix this with other full coverage foundation’s to loosen them out a little , has anyone else tried this? As always feel free to comment questions or add advise!

Until next time,

Much love,


itCosmetics CC Cream spf50

Hi all,

Quick post today, ( I think we all enjoy a quickie) ?! I just wanted to share my experience of the itCosmetics CC Cream.

So firstly why I bought it? Well I was attracted to the fact that it was a CC cream (Colour Corrector Cream) that can replace your medium/ full coverage foundation. Also it’s seems to be on everyone’s wish list right now!

Not only does it contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants but it has a SPF of 50! Which is amazing!!! Did you know that the #1 thing that ages our skin is the UVA / UVB rays so you know – protect yo self!

So what’s it like on? As you can see by the pictures it has a beautiful luminous finish. However first time I used it I applied far too much! Honestly a little goes along way. The coverage is medium to full so it really does stretch. I’ve found if I use too much it get’s quite “shiny” and also it can transfer (rub off against clothing etc ). So less is definitely more!

itCosmetics CC Cream

Who would I recommend this for? Someone who is concerned about their skin health, and wants to cover redness or dark spots, again the coverage is great! This is a beautiful product, however this product is quite creamy and luminous so if your prone to shine you might not like it?

I would recommend this product for someone who has quite normal/ balanced skin. If your very oily I don’t think this would work for you? But this is just me making an educated guess so like everything “take it with a pinch of salt”.

Lastly I like to apply this over skin that has been cleansed and hydrated, I recommend using a moisturiser that is high in water and has no oil otherwise it’s going to be a greasy mess. Also make sure you let your moisturiser soak in a few minutes beforehand!

I personally have combination normal/ oily skin so the best way I find to use this is the apply a pea sized amount with my hands. I massage it well into the skin and even sometimes bounce a damp beauty sponge over it to pick up any excess product.

If I want a fuller coverage then I’ll use a brush and be careful to set my tzone with a translucent powder.

One last thing I wear the shade Medium Tan, so that’s it for now any questions or better still have you tried this product? I’d love to hear!

Until next time,

Much love,

Lisa x

Full Coverage Estée Lauder Doublewear Foundation

Currently holding the title as the number one selling foundation in the Uk, Estée Lauder Doublewear has been a fail safe foundation for many people not only in Ireland, the Uk but all across the globe for year’s!

With over 60 shades to choose from there’s hopefully a shade in there for everyone?!The foundation itself also comes with 3 different undertones. Cool (rosy pale skin – easily burns in the sun). Neutral (not too pink not too yellow). Warm (olive or golden undertone, sun tan’s easily).

I myself am wearing DAWN 2W1 in the picture’s , but another shade I use a lot if I am more tanned is TAWNY 3W1. I personally like to use Doublewear on client’s with combination or oily skin. When you have oily skin you need something that can block excess oil from coming through and breaking down your base throughout the day.

My personal favourite way to use this foundation is with a damp (and I stress damp) beauty blender. It will help melt the foundation to the skin without it drying down to fast!

A hydrated skin is key to this foundation looking nice. Start be cleansing the skin well! Making sure the skin is clean and exfoliated will stop any unwanted patching or clinging . Also hydrate the skin with a moisturiser or serum. If you put Estée Lauder Doublewear directly onto to naked skin it’s not going to be a good time, so prep is key.

Another thing with this foundation, less is more! Often I hear from client’s that they use way too much product, because this is full coverage a little should go along way. So be mindful and blend blend blend!

Lastly, this foundation set’s to a matte finish so in some cases there is no need to go over it with powder. Apply your foundation then wait a couple of minutes and gently feel your cheek, you will notice that the base has now gone for “wet” to “matte” without the aid of powder. For me I will still add a little powder under my eyes where I have concealed & maybe a touch through the t-zone but that’s it.

So who would I recommend this for?! I would say if you have combination to oily skin this could definitely work for you, or if your just looking for something that will last all day without touch up’s.

Personally it’s not a foundation I would wear on a everyday basis as overtime it might begin to clog my pores but if I have a special occasion where I need my look to last all day or even more to hold up against hot weather than Estée Lauder is a good shout for me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts & experiences , good bad or indifferent so please comment below!

Until next time,

Much love,

Lisa x

Medium Coverage Armani Luminous Silk

Armani Luminous Silk foundation is definitely a cult classic, you can’t help but stumble upon it’s name being mentioned in most highend fashion & beauty magazine’s! Adored by so many, needless to say I was excited to try it for myself!

On first impression I was happy to see that one layer provided a solid medium coverage, don’t ask me why but I always pursumed it would have a light coverage. Although it had a medium coverage it still felt lightweight on my skin.

I started with 2 pumps to begin with & then followed up with maybe two small pumps more. I really liked how it applied (I used a kabuki brush). As I have dry skin I did set my tzone with a loose translucent powder to avoid it breaking down later in the day.

It wore lovely throughout the day but I would say if your very oily you would need to carry blotting papers or a touch up powder.

I think that this foundation is beautiful if you have normal or dry skin as it does have quite a dewy finish. For an oily skin type I would advise you prep your skin well with an oil control lotion first to absorb excess oil and then apply a loose translucent powder to set. Dry skin types might not need powder but play around with it and see what works best for you! If you want an all day matte foundation this doesn’t really provide that.

In the picture’s you can see what it looks like in natural lighting with no edits or filters- I even used my Canon camera to get the most realistic picture. I think it has a lovely coverage without looking to heavy- I personally like when you can see a little skin showing through!

On the right person Armani luminous silk is a stunning foundation! I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have tried it before in the comments?!

Until next time,

Much love, Lisa