Light/ Sheer Coverage Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation

Hi All,

I really wanted to continue with the foundation reviews so today I’m chatting through Mac Studio Face & Body foundation.

I remember when I first got this foundation back in makeup college I didn’t really like it to be honest, back then I was a “full coverage queen “ and face & body just didn’t provide me with that!

Skip a decade or so on, yikes! I love it! This foundation is lightweight and barely there. Just like it’s name suggests it can be used both on the face and the body, making it a must have in most professional makeup artist’s kits.

When my skin is in good condition and I’m just looking to neutralise the skin tone and not add lots of coverage than this is a winner for me. Also it’s the only foundation I pack when I’m away in the sun. It’s waterproof formula makes it perfect for the hot humid night’s!

Think of it as a “no makeup” kind of makeup, if you want that extra bit of confidence but don’t want to look like you have lots on.

Best way I find to use it is with my hands. If you squeeze it onto fingertips & warm up the product you will feel it to go from a “watery” constancy to a “tacky” consistency, then it’s ready to massage all over your face and down your neck. If you have any blemishes or areas of pigmentation then just take your favourite concealer to add coverage to those area’s.

For me I have an oily/ combination skin so a touch of powder is needed through my t-zone, this will help stop any oils coming through throughout the day. If you are very oily you might want to use a mattifying primer prior to application. For dry skin types look for a hydrating primer or just go in with a lightweight moisturiser.

The finish is gorgeous and glossy, it’s gives a youthful glow to the skin. I personally haven’t found any other foundation like this one.

In the picture above I’m wearing C6 as I’ve caught some sun lately, I also wear C3 a lot and I even mix. If you struggle with finding your shade of foundation’s I recommend using the website! It’s a site that can match you with most well know brands – all you do is answer a few short questions.

One last thing before I go , I often mix this with other full coverage foundation’s to loosen them out a little , has anyone else tried this? As always feel free to comment questions or add advise!

Until next time,

Much love,


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